Swarmageddon: Co-op Arcade Shooter!

Swarmageddon: Co-op Arcade Shooter!

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Swarmageddon: Co-op Arcade Shooter! – arcade shooter from Flowstate Games with cooperative multiplayer mode and easy controls. Launching an ancient teleportation device opens a series of wormholes in alternate dimensions, resulting in a short-term unification of different worlds, which are flooded with many unusual creatures with bad intentions. Under your control are two elite fighters heading into the unknown to find the source of this evil, the destruction of which will not only allow our heroes to return home, but will also be the key to saving all of humanity. The second hero here is an auxiliary one if you are playing in single player mode.

Use the joystick to make the characters wander around the location, and as soon as the monsters are in the zone of destruction of weapons, they will be opened merciless fire. Destroy creatures, avoid their attacks, and collect various bonuses, such as new weapons, first aid kits, and more. In the future, the player is offered a choice of three random skills and the ability to unlock new weapons. Swarmageddon contains a local multiplayer mode, i.e. you can fight together with a friend on the same device, which is doubly interesting. Also upgrade your weapons and try different combinations of skills to fight your way through the hordes of enemies that will be on your way.

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