The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House

The Fear 2: Creepy Scream House

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The Fear 2 – a horror adventure game in the genre of horror-adventrue. The protagonist of the game ominous ghost kidnapped his wife and his beloved daughter. As it became known, the ghost is Martha, the former lover and wife of the protagonist. But what does she need? Why does she decide to take revenge and what she wants to achieve? Does she have any goals or is she just crazy? We can learn this only if we personally meet with our nightmare face to face. The Fear 2 is an atmospheric, monstrously ominous and real horror quest, whose actions unfold in the hero’s house. The huge two-story mansion, in which the ghost hides, is far from civilization, the investigator of help and support should not wait. Cold mind, steel nerves and a low-powered flashlight are our only assistants in this difficult journey.

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