Tomb of the Mask: Color

Tomb of the Mask: Color

Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Tomb of the Mask: Color – this is an exciting action game with puzzle elements, where you have to go through a lot of quite complex mazes. Initially, it may seem that it is not so difficult to do this, but dozens of terrifying monsters and impassable traps will stand in your way. Move carefully, calculate the trajectory of movement and you will definitely be able to get out!

The gameplay in the game is classic, at each level you will find yourself in a maze where traps are scattered in the form of arrows, spikes and coins to be collected. Also, there are scary exploding monsters, bats and many others. To move, you need to swipe the screen in the direction you want to go. The character, in turn, will quickly go in this direction until he meets an obstacle in the form of a wall or an enemy on his way.

In total, there are several hundred levels, so this game is not enough for a long time. The graphics are created in an old-school pixel style. Initially, the levels are quite simple, but over time you will have to work hard on the tasks. To get three stars for passing, try to collect all the available coins. The passage is unlimited, in case of failure, you can try again an unlimited number of times!

Features of the game:

More than a hundred unique levels;
Exterior design in the style of old-school arcade games;
Simple and classic gameplay;
Lots of challenging puzzles.

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