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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 7.0+

Tombo Survivor –  this is a rather unusual action game where you play as a not very decent police officer who abuses his powers and terrorizes civilians. Beating and intimidating people, thereby earning money, the main character changes more and more in appearance, and becomes more and more like a pig!

The game consists in the fact that you, in the role of an ordinary-looking police officer, are operating on the streets of the city along with your colleagues, and instead of protecting civilians, you have to attack them. Initially, you are armed only with a rubber baton, but by successfully completing tasks and increasing the level, you will open up new opportunities. You can buy new equipment, a vehicle, and even weapons. But keep in mind that the residents will not stand and look at the lawlessness and will be able to fight back!

A large game location with an open world will allow you to move freely through the streets of the city and complete tasks. Control of the game is quite simple, with two main buttons for jumping, hitting and a joystick for movement. There is also a ranking system where you can track your level and compare it with others.

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