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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Triviatopia Run – arcade runner in which you have to run a lot, Dodge obstacles and collect coins. The gameplay is typical for this genre, there are three tracks on which the main character moves forward and the further he runs, the more difficult the traps become. To complete them, you have three skills: jumping, sliding, and sprinting. If you want to temporarily develop a huge speed to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, use the sprint. Do not forget to collect coins, this will allow you to buy auxiliary bonuses that will help you become the best in the rating of players, setting a record score for the number of points scored. Control of the Android game Triviatopia Run is done with one finger, but do not think that it will be quite easy. The longer you run, the faster the gameplay speed increases, testing your reflexes. This mobile arcade game also offers several different runners and a bonus system. If you want to ignore obstacles and demolish everything in your path, or collect a lot of coins without even touching them, which themselves jump into your pocket, use these skills. So, on your mark, get set, let’s go.

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