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App NameUncharted Ocean 2
Latest Versionb20220725
OS VersionAndroid 5.0

Uncharted Ocean 2 – android game about sea adventures in which you can create your own pixel avatar, give him one of 4 weapons and go to conquer the seas. This project places a lot of emphasis on visual novel-style dialogue, although they can throw in the thick of the action in the middle of the dialogue, for example, the battle of huge ships. Since this is a mobile arcade game, expect to be able to swim through friendly ships. You will be able to visit 200 world famous cities and ports. It is necessary to conduct business in them – to buy cheap, transport cargo by sea and sell at exorbitant prices; Interestingly, trading is carried out in real time, so the prices of goods are constantly changing. Upgraded players of Uncharted Ocean 2 will be able to build a house with a garden for growing plants, forging equipment and breeding animals.

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