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App NameVacuum Killer
Latest Versionv6
DeveloperRollic Games
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Package namecom.fubugames.killerroomba
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Vacuum Killer – the vacuum killer is on the way! Why vacuum? Well, this is a type of vacuum cleaner, what can I do. Well, he also has a whole bunch of weapons, and now the uprising of machines has allowed him to do what he wants. Become a real part of the machine uprising. You have the role of a killer vacuum cleaner who will drive through a variety of levels and turn his opponents into bloody mincemeat, no matter how wild it sounds. Your vacuum cleaner has found a kind of mind that you will be, so take control and travel through different levels.

Carefully approach the enemies from behind and immediately destroy them.But be extremely careful, because only by attacking the enemy from the blind spot you will completely destroy it, and if you are noticed, they will start to beat you with bats and then it is quite possible that your rebellious piece of iron will immediately lose and then you will have to start all over from the beginning.
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In this exciting game you will find very simple controls and a whole bunch of unique and diverse levels. Moreover, the levels here are often generated quite randomly and can be both easy and quite complex.So, constantly calculate the movement of your opponents in order to beat them and destroy them, but attack them exclusively from behind.
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And if you are tired of your old vacuum cleaner, then create yourself a new one. Choose an appearance for him and change the body itself so that it becomes unique, and then pick up the colors and go into battle. However, to do this, first earn money, because all the changes are not free and require gold coins from you, which by the way are given for the destruction of enemies.
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