Argo’s Choice: Visual novel, noir adventure story

Argo’s Choice: Visual novel, noir adventure story

Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 5.1+

Argo’s Choice: Visual novel, noir adventure story – interactive adventure game, which is a visual novel with a dark plot. Here, the further development of the story and the final result depend only on you, since you choose the dialogues yourself and the actions of the main character are determined by this. A very multi-faceted storyline, a lot of bindings that determine the fate of not only the main character, but also the people with whom he deals. A world poisoned by crime and widespread corruption, this is where Argo, the main character, had to live. And each of your chosen actions affects the future fate of the hero and the characters with whom he communicates. Try to expand the dialogue with the interlocutors so as to learn their history and understand what exactly led them to you, as well as to reveal their innermost secrets. Try to give advice to the next character and see how his fate will turn in one direction or another. Start your adventure with Argo and watch the unexpected outcome, depending only on your choice.

Features of the game:

  • A visual novel that will surely appeal to fans of the genre;
  • A deep dive into the dramatic events;
  • The ending of the story depends on your choice;
  • A unique indie game in the form of dialogues in the chat;
  • Various achievements that make the gameplay even more interesting.
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