Dwarf Journey

Dwarf Journey

Updated:March 18, 2021
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Dwarf Journey – olsdkul graphics and random generation of locations 2D action game about a brave dwarf that went through the most dangerous for the health of the earth. His goal is to find a cave hidden from prying eyes, where, according to legends, a very valuable relic with incredible powers is kept. Players will have to be very quick and assess all possible difficulties on the location in one glance. So that later, if necessary, you can always start implementing a backup plan for the passage. Otherwise, traps and enemies will quickly and successfully deal with the unlucky travelers.

Platformer in the genre of roguelite for Android. Explore randomly generated levels. Defeat enemies and develop your character to unlock new routes and gain experience, improve and customize your character as you wish. Collect the minerals and weapon blueprints you find in the depths of the cave and take them to the village blacksmith to forge more advanced equipment. And fight against even stronger and more powerful monsters. Collect sets of three runes, create items, and customize your character in your preferred style. Choose a strategy and customize your gameplay. You will have to fight against evil bosses who will challenge all your forces and tactics. But be careful: since the levels are randomly generated, you can open the boss doors right away. Have the wisdom to recognize your limits and understand exactly when to test them. Help Gallar continue his long and glorious journey into eternity. Will you be able to fight to the end for the lost relic?

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After download i can’t install even tough my storage have 3gb left i can’t install

Device name
Redmi 6a