Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure

Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure

Updated:December 13, 2020
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 6.0+

Elise’s Nightmare : Roguelike Action Adventure – this is a great game with a fascinating storyline. The story tells about a little girl whose family had a terrible tragedy that traumatized her. After that, she began to see terribly realistic nightmares where she has to fight monsters and look for the cause of the disaster!

Most of the game is occupied by fights with various creatures and bosses. You can use the objects around you that you can launch at enemies, reflect their attacks of opponents or solve small puzzles. You will be helped by your plush toys, which will take the main damage and distract enemies. In that case, if they die, you can immediately call them again after a while.

In total, completing the entire game can take from one hour to two, depending on your skill level. At the end, you will discover all the details of what happened, and find out if you can help save her family. There is absolutely no advertising, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the process and enjoy the unique atmosphere!

Game features:

  • Addictive storyline;
  • Simple hand-drawn graphics with a top view;
  • Several different locations and opponents;
  • Relatively fast passage.
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