Fog Hospital (Escape game)

Fog Hospital (Escape game)

Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Fog Hospital (Escape game) – horror puzzle game with a dark design and scary sounds, where you have to get out of the old hospital. Background of the story: six years ago, this place was a hospital where they performed operations on the bone marrow that few people knew about. There is a large lake nearby, so often there was fog and people were not at ease. Illegal experiments on people were conducted inside the walls of the clinic, which should not have been done. In the end, there was an incident in which one patient went mad, killed all the staff, and committed suicide.

And six years later, a rumor spread on the Internet that the head nurse was still alive, so the reporter goes to this hospital to find out the truth. On the way, he gets into an accident, just next to an ominous place. Once in the clinic, find a flashlight and slowly start exploring the many rooms and corridors. Some doors are not so easy to open, so look for keys and codes, and when you collect five clues, you can get out. You are not alone here, if you hear the sound of approaching footsteps, it is best to run or hide so that you can not be found. Fog Hospital is a horror puzzle game with dark graphics and scary sounds.

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