Friday Night Multiplayer – Survival Horror Game

Friday Night Multiplayer – Survival Horror Game

Updated:January 11, 2021
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Friday Night Multiplayer – Survival Horror Game – this is an exciting horror action game with a multiplayer mode. Here you will be able to test your strength and nerves in practice together with your friends. You have to survive in the dark forest and escape from a terrible maniac who wields a chainsaw and hunt defenseless people!

In one game, up to seven users can participate at the same time, all of them will try to escape from the killer, while one of them will take on the role of a hunter. The escapees must start all the generators around the perimeter as quickly as possible to open the main gate and escape. On the map there are many hidden places, bushes and rooms where you can hide for a while, since it is a very dubious idea to engage in a battle with the enemy. The killer, on the contrary, needs to destroy all the players as soon as possible, and in every possible way prevent them from running generators, otherwise he will miss everyone and lose.

There are several different locations for the game, with different conditions and tasks to be completed. The maps also have various weapons for self-defense, which at least can delay the enemy for a while. The game always has a dark atmosphere and a frightening soundtrack that keeps the player always on their toes!

Game features:

  • Scale multiplayer mode;
  • High-quality three-dimensional graphics and a creepy atmosphere;
  • Great location with a variety of secret places;
  • A plurality of auxiliary items and weapons.
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