Kelsi Davies: Haunt Escape

Kelsi Davies: Haunt Escape

Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 7.0+

Kelsi Davies: Haunt Escape – adventure puzzle game with a first-person view and in it you will hunt for ghosts. Among the locals, there has long been an opinion that in the tunnels of the moonlight you can meet undead spirits. In these catacombs, back in 1915, a girl named may got lost and no one else saw her, and in 1984, an entire family crashed over the tunnel. Legend has it that even now you can see ghosts and spirits that live in this abandoned dungeon. But you are not a timid person, so you decide to check for yourself whether the givings are right and there is at least a little truth in them. Wandering through the tunnels and solving riddles, you begin to understand that the rumors are true and now your task is to find the spirits of each deceased here and understand what unfinished business keeps them still in our world. Find the ghosts and try to help them do what they did not have time to do in life. To do this, explore the location, look for items that will help with the passage, such as a flashlight and get ready to plunge into the atmosphere of horror and suffering. Help the spirits find their freedom to go to the afterlife.

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