Marsus: Survival on Mars

Marsus: Survival on Mars

Uploaded: March 12, 2019
Updated:May 6, 2019
Views: 20762
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.2+
Download APK v1.6

Marsus: Survival on Mars — delightful survival simulator for Android devices. After an unsuccessful landing on Mars, left with almost no oxygen, food and other resources you have to make every effort to survive in the middle of a dead planet. You will have full freedom of action, and a well-developed system of creating items will allow you to create the necessary equipment and resources for survival. Start with creating a farm and a repair module to ensure the production of oxygen, grow plants and food, build robots for mining and upgrade your life support modules.

Enjoy high-quality 3D graphics, a large and open world full of possibilities. This game boasts a simple interface and controls, complete freedom of action, exciting gameplay and incredible atmosphere. Get ready for the biggest challenge of your life, are you able to survive alone on the red planet in Marsus: Survival on Mars?

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