Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth

Updated:January 6, 2021
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 7.0+

Minecraft Earth — what has become unpredictable news for fans of the legendary sandbox. Before you Minecraft in augmented reality. It was expected that someday such a release will take place. After all, today AR-games are becoming more available, their popularity is growing. After this release, Minecraft is guaranteed to be interested in those users who previously bypassed the sandbox side and believed that the project is exclusively for children.

On creativity in Minecraft you will look completely different. So far, there is beta testing, but the release will definitely take place in 2019. The game gets a new scale. Imagine a situation that during a walk through his hometown, you enter the game, point the camera at the usual place and see a huge mob. Also instead Moba can be any other build, including huge castles and any other creativity users. Self-expression on a new scale is something that Minecraft fans have been waiting for for many years. You will have the opportunity to share your work with other users. Look up to the cool creativity of the players and do better! Sitting at a table in a cafe in your spare time, you will have the opportunity to run the game and build some construction “in reality”.

Developers promise that the number of mobs will grow significantly. But the usual popular mobs will remain. Any mobs you like will be able to populate numerous own buildings — it all depends on your imagination. Team up with your like-minded friends in real life to create something big and unique. Minecraft Earth will be a great occasion for a little travel with loved ones! Research in Minecraft are transferred to the streets of your city!

How to install Minecraft Earth

The game will require a mobile device with Android 7 or newer OS and support for ARCore.

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