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Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Mousebusters – a retro horror adventure game where mice will fight against evil ghosts. This is a charming adventure game with an incredible storyline, which offers you a simple mechanic, when you just click in different places on the screen to interact with the environment, talk to characters, etc.the Main character moves into one of the rooms, unpacking things, he goes to bed, and in the morning finds that turned into a mouse. Then he meets the “boss”, another mouse, complete all his tasks and then your character will be able to become a human again. In the future, it turns out that this building has a dark and terrible past, it is haunted by ghosts that threaten the hotel guests, it is with them that you have to fight.

Become a mouse hunter, heroically ridding the world of evil ghosts, and to do this, go on your first task. The “boss” will communicate with you wirelessly, giving instructions and useful tips. You can’t always see ghosts, but sometimes you need to examine the items in the room in detail to find something unusual. When you find an enemy, go to him to shoot a special weapon and thus destroy. Mousebusters is an indie project from Odencat, with charming characters, interesting gameplay, and decent visual and audio support.

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