Mr. President – Text Adventure

Mr. President – Text Adventure

Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.4+
Download APK v1.5.5

Mr. President – Text Adventure — simulator of the President of the African Republic. It all starts when you find the phone of the head of Nambia. Taking you for the real President, the national security adviser reports on everything that happens in the country. Make decisions on behalf of the dictator and observe how your choice is reflected in the main indicators of the state:

  • The size of the Treasury. A real dictator appreciates gold and is hardly ready to part with it. My darling!
  • The morale of the people. If people lose hope-it threatens riots and riots, which leads to the cost of suppressing rebellions. Spending again!
  • Population size. For a real dictator, people are just expendable, like toner in a cartridge. The more people, the more taxes go to the state Treasury. Profit!

Together with a dedicated Advisor you will find a fascinating adventure with an unpredictable plot.

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