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Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Sasaya – retro platformer in the style of Metroidvania from o3one kinetics, the Creator of Access Code: Heaven and Chamber. The background here is this: in the 16th century, a man named Gaben discovers an ancient artifact that can open access to the knowledge of dark magic. Many brave warriors tried to destroy the sorcerer, but they did not succeed. Finally, there is someone who decides to challenge the forces of evil to deal with it once and for all. The main character is a young sorceress named Maria, whom you must guide through the locations of an ancient and mysterious castle, thereby defeating the dark forces. Of course, your journey will be fraught with numerous dangers, be extremely careful when passing swinging axes, sticks sticking out of the ground, hot flames and other types of traps. There are also enemies, such as skeleton archers or mutant plants that spit poison. The character has only three lives, which will have to be spent again. Control in Sasaya consists of a slider to move forward and backward, as well as two buttons for attack and jump. If you are a fan of pixel graphics and gameplay in the style of Metroidvania, we recommend that you try to play this project.

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