Sinister Edge – Scary Horror Games

Sinister Edge – Scary Horror Games

Updated:February 17, 2021
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4+

Sinister Edge – Scary Horror Games — it’s a sinister game. If someone doesn’t know who he is, I’ll tell you now. Sinister-a legend, well, in the game it is already a real character. He is a God who feeds on the deaths of children. He first forces them to kill their parents, and then takes the very children to his captivity, who remain there forever. If someone watched the movie sinister, I recommend to view. In this application, You will have to look for his family, who disappeared somewhere. On the floor will lie a variety of clues and items with which You can find your relatives. The game is endowed with a large variety of frightening moments. Do not be surprised, but You can even be afraid of a thunderstorm that will thunder at a not very good time. Also be on the alert and know That you can easily watch this sinister. If You run into him before you find your parents, death is inevitable.

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