The Academy: The First Riddle

The Academy: The First Riddle

Updated:July 20, 2020
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 7.0+
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The Academy: The First Riddle – this is a puzzle adventure from Snapbreak in which you will learn the long-standing secret of the arbor Academy. You find yourself in the place of a first-year student named Sam, who enters the respected arbor Academy, famous for its deep traditions. Explore ancient and majestic rooms to reveal the eerie truth of this place, which is safely hidden from outsiders. Enlist the help of fellow students and friends in the course of various tasks and fully imbued with the history of this educational institution, where knowledge and mysticism go hand in hand. The Academy game is made in full 3D, so you can fully enjoy the magnificent interiors inside the Academy and other locations. Hold your finger in the left half for walking, and swiping in the right part you can look around. Also, if you double-tap an object in the field of view, the character will follow there. The main thing here is to solve clever puzzles and other riddles, try to think outside the box to cope with more than two hundred logical problems.

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