Trick Art Dungeon

Trick Art Dungeon

Uploaded: June 4, 2019
Updated:November 2, 2019
Views: 4523
Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.0+
Download APK v1.83

Trick Art Dungeon — great adventure puzzle with various optical illusions for Android devices, which received a lot of positive reviews and awards. In the story, you play for a child who lost his parents in the history Museum. Now he must find them by any means, but without your participation he can not cope with this task. In addition, his journey takes place not in the usual world for us, you have to explore the amazing places that are on the verge of reality and imagination. Enjoy a unique experience, solving puzzles with clever illusions and tricks, following the parents of the main character. You need to interact with various buttons, levers and other elements on the locations until the goal is achieved. Among the main advantages of the project Trick Art Dungeon: great three-dimensional graphics and excellent audio support, interesting puzzles, as well as ease of operation, where just one touch to perform a specific action.

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