Unholy Adventure

Unholy Adventure

Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Unholy Adventure: point and click story game – point and click adventure with hundreds of puzzles and a mystical atmosphere from the developer Dali Games. In the distant future, only a great need can force a man like Peter Grim to leave the house, everything looks surreal and terrible around, but the wife did not come home, and a mysterious storm is raging outside the window. You need to understand the structure of the new world, solve many puzzles and find out what happened to his beloved. At every turn, there are crimes, huge mutant rats roam the sewers, eternal twilight and zombies, this is not a complete list of what awaits the brave traveler who is ready to solve logical problems, both in the electronics store and beyond.

The adventure has begun and there is no turning back, let any dangers of the dark planet confront him, it is not in Peter’s rules to retreat. Exploring the game world of Unholy Adventure, our hero will meet a sufficient number of unusual characters, enter into a dialogue with some of them and try to help by solving another puzzle and earning fame and gratitude. What kind of city, such and residents, but do not underestimate, sometimes under a terrible appearance there is a pleasant companion and a good friend, the main thing is to find an approach. Help Peter reunite with his wife Betty, who has disappeared without a trace.

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