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Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Web Hero – become a real superhero, saving people from various dangers that lie in wait at every step. The main character looks like an ordinary city dweller, like everyone else, but only he has superpowers in the form of a sticky web, the same as spider-man, so use these powers correctly for the benefit of people. Shoot cobwebs by tapping the screen to stick and hang an object that was supposed to fall on the head of a person walking down the street. Also save all the drowning people when their pleasure yacht began to sink to the bottom, but the girl and she so carelessly got on the railway tracks, and the train is rapidly approaching her. Shoot cobwebs by touching the screen of your phone with your finger and save a careless child from a collision with a train. Clicking on the web several times will make it even more sticky and strong, which will be useful if the load is heavy and is about to break. Save the residents of your area from certain death and feel like a superhero in the timekiller Web Hero from Supersonic Studios.

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