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Archmage — most likely, any player had to visit a completely invented world. It is here that very strange events occur, as well as fairy-tale characters live. This world is called fantasy and it is always interesting to spend your time here. Most likely the familiarity with the world is through books, the viewing of paintings, but it could be completely different methods. It is in these ways that we clearly intersect with such worlds. From the beginning, you are given six cards, as well as very few resources. With each move you make, they can decrease as well as grow. It all depends on the events that happen here.

With each turn you have to use one of your cards, and then you are given a new one. There is only one main goal, to destroy the enemy tower and achieve a certain level of development in the game. At first, all the towers have the same development and level, only then they begin to grow steadily.

The main resources will be divided into three main types. Each turn will add them a little, but using the cards you can significantly increase income. During the game you have to not only increase your tower, but also try to destroy the tower of your enemy.

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