Bullet Stop

Bullet Stop

Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Bullet Stop – this is an entertaining arcade action game where you will feel like a real superhero, able to stop bullets right on the fly and send them back to the opponents. However, with such power, you have a huge responsibility, as you have to save the lives of innocent people!

In each level, you will have to face armed opponents who are already aiming at you and ready to shoot. You will not have to wait long for this moment, as soon as the bullet flies out of the muzzle, tap on the screen, and you will see how your hand stops it and squeezes it in a fist. After that, you need to hit the enemies themselves, take a good aim at them, and release the touch from the screen, and you will see how the bullets will fly back at the same speed.

As you progress through the game conditions will be noticeably different, there will be several opponents, and they will hide behind obstacles or the backs of hostages, you will need an incredibly fast reaction and accuracy. Also, their weapons can also change, from which the enemies will shoot not only from pistols, but also rifles, grenade launchers, throw knives and shurikens.

Features of the game:

  • More than 50 different levels;
  • One hand is enough to control it;
  • Six types of enemy weapons;
  • Lots of skins for hand lice.
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