Dino Terror

Dino Terror

Updated:February 6, 2021
Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 6.0+

Dino Terror – stealth action with a touch of horror in everything that happens. The main character will be a scientist who worked in a secret laboratory on an equally secret project to bring dinosaurs back to life. The experiment was a success. Even better than expected. A prehistoric alien has broken free and is now calmly walking through the corridors and halls of a complex blocked by an alarm. The character will have to secretly move and hide, collect useful things for him, as well as look for a way to escape from this place. Fans of walking at the risk of their lives will have a great time in the process of saving their ward.

This is a terrifying first-person horror game where you have to escape from the velociraptor by any means. You will find yourself in an abandoned laboratory, where, through long experiments, you have revived an ancient predator with incredible flair, speed and bloodlust!

You also need to try to get out of the lab, hiding from him in various rooms and secluded places. However, the exit is blocked, and to open the door, you need to collect all the elements of the electrical circuit scattered throughout the rooms and corridors. Carefully move around the lab and check more often what is happening behind you, as the raptor moves almost silently. If you are still discovered, try to run away as quickly as possible and hide in a closet or in a capsule, where he can not reach you.

The location has a fairly extensive size, where there are dozens of rooms and corridors. All the surroundings, creepy details and voice acting create a tense atmosphere. Before starting the game, you can set the difficulty of passing, which determines the level of artificial intelligence of the dinosaur. It will take good nerves and excellent reaction to be able to get out of this laboratory alive!

Features of the game:

  • Detailed three-dimensional graphics;
  • Large game location;
  • Four levels of difficulty of passing;
  • The atmosphere is incredibly tense.
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