Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament Multiplayer

Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament Multiplayer

Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament Multiplayer – this is a colorful arcade game where you will go on a fun competition to overcome a real obstacle course with the rest of the players. At every step you will find various mechanisms and traps that are designed to throw you off the track or create an obstacle, so that you do not reach the finish line first!

Before you go to the competition, choose one of the 66 characters, among which you will meet Santa Claus, ancient warriors, demons, angels and many other characters from a variety of mythologies, games and movies. Up to 30 players take part in one race at the same time, try to get ahead of them all, avoiding huge hammers, jumping over rotating platforms and avoiding traps along the way. Also on the track you will find accelerators in the form of arrows, which will help you quickly get around your opponents and there are check points, from where you will continue the race if you still did not stay on the platform.

For communication, there is a free chat where messages will be visible to all players directly on the screen. Control of the character is quite simple, move with the joystick and use the button to jump, just be careful, as there is a risk to overdo it and jump over the edge of the platform. Each time the races will take place in new locations, where the complexity and variety of obstacles always increases, which will only make the process more fun.

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