GUNBIRD 2 classic

GUNBIRD 2 classic

Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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GUNBIRD 2 classic – this is a 2D scrolling shooter released in the late 90’s, which is a continuation of the original Gunbird. As in its predecessor, you control one of the six characters that conduct continuous fire on a variety of enemies encountered. Collect elements of the Sun, moon and Stars to strengthen the hero, thereby increasing the firepower and breaking through difficult areas with the battle. Still find coins and pick up falling bonuses from defeated enemies. You only need to hold your finger on the screen to control, and the shooting is completely automatic. In this way, lead the character away from enemy shots and completely clear the level, meeting at the end with the boss, where you will have to put a lot of effort to defeat him. At critical moments, activate super skills that are unique to each hero. You can choose from four difficulty levels, some of which open after you have passed the stages in easier modes, even in Gunbird 2 Classic, you can switch to the original screen in the settings. Although the arcade game was originally released back in 1998, it will still be interesting to play, and now it can still be done on Android mobile devices.

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