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Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Log Thrower – shoot sharp logs, hitting as many targets as possible and gaining maximum points. This is a typical arcade timekiller with clear mechanics, where you need to properly sharpen one end of the log, then shoot them out of the gun, punching various objects. Make a powerful shot by tapping the screen at a certain point in time, then the wooden projectile will fly very fast and destroy any obstacles in its path. The number of possible shots is limited, so complete the level tasks before you run out of logs. Even in Log Thrower you will collect keys, if you have three pieces, you can get a chest with a reward. Unlock a variety of weapon skins and types of logs. Among the advantages of Android games: good graphics, an unusual idea, a rich selection of skins, and the disadvantages are too much advertising and quite quickly annoying gameplay.

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