Saiko No Sutoka

Saiko No Sutoka

Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.1+

Saiko No Sutoka – this is a terrifying first-person thriller in the anime style. Here you have to stay alive at all costs, being almost alone in a huge school building with a crazy girl who wants to kill you. Search every room, hide in hidden places and find a way out of here!

The game begins with the fact that you appear in a room with a safe locked with a combination lock. Having picked up the password and got the key to the main doors, you will be able to get out of this terrible place, but for this you will have to explore the entire school, in search of the necessary numbers. Pick up various auxiliary items during the game, in the form of keys to locked doors and find notes with hints. If you are still discovered, try to escape from it and hide in a closet or other secluded place.

The school building is quite large, with dozens of different rooms where getting lost is not difficult. The dark and tense atmosphere is fueled by background sounds, the lack of good lighting and the fact that the killer is constantly talking while looking for you. The controls are quite simple, there is a joystick for movement, a button for a quiet step, action and running. Test your nervous system for strength and try to stay alive!

Features of the game:

  • Incredibly tense atmosphere;
  • Large open location;
  • Convenient controls;
  • Two difficulty modes;
  • External design in the style of anime.
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