Siren Head Field

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Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.4+
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Siren Head Field – try to get out of the farm alive, avoiding a terrible monster that hunts the main character. Your character wakes up in the middle of the night in the room after he heard a strange noise, looking around, he notices that his parents have disappeared somewhere. Later, the main character discovers that a giant monster is roaming the area, which is hunting him. Now, you have to escape from this nightmare, but will you be able to do it, because the terrible creature will follow you everywhere. Control of the Android game is simple, there is a joystick on the left, you rotate the camera by touching the right part, and there is also a button for interacting with objects, such as opening doors and so on. Solve puzzles by slowly moving forward and run away if you hear ominous sounds, as this means that the monster is somewhere nearby. Siren Head Field is a horror puzzle game where you need to escape from an evil creature with a genre-appropriate atmosphere, standard controls, dark design and frightening sounds.

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