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Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 6.0+
Download APK v1.0.2

Spirit Sprint – this is a dynamic and entertaining game on your smartphone, where you can relax and get a storm of emotions! In this game, you will plunge into a huge and filled with colors world, where you will take the form of various types of animals. Travel around locations and collect valuable game prizes that will allow you to open them even more!

In Spirit Sprint, you will find yourself in a variety of different and beautiful locations, each of which will capture you with its own landscapes. Here you will take control of the main character, which can be a dog, boar, fish, birds and many others. From the transition of one world to another, they can transform and you must react quickly to avoid a sudden obstacle. Jump over various spikes and pits, Dodge arrows flying at You. Maneuver under water when other animals will want to eat you. Don’t forget to collect gold coins along the way! After all, they will allow you to open new worlds with even more interesting game levels, as well as help you unlock new characters. And there are a huge number of them here!

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