Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Updated: July 13th, 2018 at 09:34
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Category : Arcade
Developers: Kiloo
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Subway Surfers on Android is a game from the genre of runners. Cheerful and cheerful fellow named Jake painted the dullness of the railway in bright and rich colors, creating a masterpiece of street sketches. However, this is not appreciated by the police. And so the hero has to take his legs off that there are forces from the pursuit of the policeman and his dog. The road is not easy, because you have to jump over ruts and trains, skirting obstacles to the right and left, and also to slide along power lines over moving convoys. A lot of dangers, and the main thing – breathes in the back – the pursuit of a policeman! But it is not all that bad. Running away, along the way, you can collect different bonuses, as well as coins, which you can then intelligently spend on upgrading your image, namely: a skateboard, jet pack, etc. attributes of clothing and equipment that will greatly help in overcoming obstacles and dangers! Good luck in the pursuit and remember – the reaction and agility – these are your main trump cards!

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