The Big Hit

The Big Hit

Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.4+

The Big Hit – pump up your hand by collecting dumbbells, so that at the end of the track you can deal with a huge opponent. The character runs forward, your task is to pick up sports equipment of the same color, thereby his hand becomes stronger, this will allow you to destroy the enemy, who is waiting at the very end. Touch the phone screen as often as possible, then you will be able to throw the enemy very far away, and you will earn a lot of money and rewards. In the future, obstacles in the form of brick walls will appear on the track, dodge them or grab a huge fist of a person and throw it into the barrier, which will give additional bonuses.

When you reach the enemy, tap the circle with the accumulated power, releasing it at the right moment and sending the enemy into a deep knockout. Control in The Big Hit is made by sliding your finger across the screen, the movements of the character will exactly repeat its trajectory. Try to collect the maximum possible number of dumbbells or diamonds, quickly moving your finger to the right or left, destroying the opponent with a strong blow to the stomach.

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