The Firm

The Firm

Updated:November 7, 2020
Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4+

The Firm offers a unique opportunity to feel yourself in the shoes of a trader, or in Russian – a trader who conducts speculative operations based on a decrease or increase in the prices of shares of various companies. But you are given the role of not a big businessman, a shark in the financial world, but a regular clerk who sat at the table on his first working day.
You receive a whole stream of reports, inquiries, analytical notes and other things, you need to respond to the value of charts and sell or buy svays. After several failed actions you will be fired, and the next candidate will immediately take the place. With successful activity, your hero will disappear for days at work trying to make money and impress the bosses. And this is a matter of time when he will be overtaken by a nervous breakdown and he will screw up. Having received a notice for him will be the only way out – it’s a jump from the roof. So gamers need to protect their avatars.
Graphics in the style of pixel art, an atmosphere of despair and incredible hardcore gameplay turns the game into a real survival simulator in a ruthless modern world.


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