Updated:January 4, 2021
Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Zombario – become the best zombie fighter in this mobile game by stopping the invasion of the dead once and for all. A certain influential Corporation produces dangerous biological weapons that threaten the existence of humanity in the form we are used to, so you need to take up arms and kill all the zombies to a single one, before it’s too late. The controls are extremely simple, use the joystick to direct the main character, and he will shoot at the dead himself. Deal with the undead and go to the exit, which is located below, then opens access to the next location. Even if the character is killed, it will not be a big problem, you can always repeat it again.

During the raids, collect coins and find loot, the better the items of equipment worn on the hero, the higher its characteristics. In addition, the player can upgrade skills by choosing from several random ones, which brings some variety to the gameplay. Zombario offers realistic physics, when the zombies effectively fall and fly apart, and you are waiting for hundreds of exciting stages with an interactive environment where you will use platforms, stairs and other objects. In addition, you can enlist the support of flying drones, try all sorts of combinations of abilities and improve weapons, which also affects the mechanics of the gameplay.

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