Bee Vision Bumblebee AR Experience

Bee Vision Bumblebee AR Experience

Uploaded: August 5, 2018
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Category : Action
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Bumblebee, this is Autobot leader Optimus Prime. I’m sending you this message from Cybertron to give you an important assignment. Autobots and inhabitants of the Earth need your help. Our most powerful artifact Allspark, the source of life of all transformers, is broken into pieces. We tracked their signal on the Ground. But they want to intercept the Decepticons. We have to collect the shards before the Decepticons, otherwise they will get incredible power. Find the shards, collect them and protect the earthlings from the attack of the Decepticons. I’m counting on you, Bumblebee. Prepare for battle!

Bumblebee Bee Vision app is a dynamic game that allows you to use augmented reality markers to revive the battle right in your room! It’s almost like being in a video game! Bumblebee Bee Vision gear will help you fight the Decepticons by taking aim and destroying enemies appearing in the real world around you. Using the Stinger Blaster, fight through 10 levels of the game to find and collect the fragments of the Allspark before they are captured by the Decepticons. Fight in the final battle with a ruthless Megatron to eliminate the threat once and for all. During the game you will receive instructions from Optimus Prime, voiced by the legend of “Transformers” Peter Kalen.

Use Bumblebee equipment with or without Bee Vision augmented reality glasses. Taking off your glasses, you can wear a mask and imagine yourself a brave scout-Autobot. To complete your adventures, purchase the stinger Bumblebee Blaster (sold separately, check availability) and continue role-playing or scan the disc from the kit and unlock the amplifier to increase your combat power in the app.

Hone your skills by shooting at targets, and then plunge into a full-scale story adventure! The action comes alive around you. Collect amplifiers on the way to make your game more interesting. When performing tasks open additional game modes, including “Endless mode” and higher difficulty.

Pay attention! This application requires access to your device’s camera. Enter the device settings and activate the camera.

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