Family Island – Farm game adventure

Family Island – Farm game adventure

Updated:June 12, 2020
Category : Casual
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Family Island – Farm game adventure — go to the prehistoric era to help a family of cavemen to establish their life. Here at your disposal no hero, as it usually happens, and the whole family. Give them various instructions, such as collecting sticks, stones, hay and other resources to build a house, workshops, etc. in the future, make items, break a small garden, tame animals and perform a number of other, no less interesting things. At first, only a small section of the island is open, gradually you will go deep into the territory and unravel all the secrets of this mysterious place, including meeting local residents. Family Island game is quite good, it has excellent graphics and all the attributes of a classic farm, and in future updates there will be new Islands, trade between players and more.

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