Little Ant Colony – Idle Game

Little Ant Colony – Idle Game

Category : Casual
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Little Ant Colony – Idle Game – this is an exciting causal game where you have to manage a huge colony of forest ants. Surely everyone has watched these amazing insects. They are incredibly organized and dedicated to their family. Here you can help them find food, gather supplies for the winter and watch the calming process!

The mechanics of the game are incredibly simple, at each level you will have something edible that fell right next to the anthill. It can be a piece of pizza, fried potatoes, cookies, or even a bill that is suitable as a building material. In order to bring everything into the house, you need to send ants, which will begin to drag everything into the burrow in pieces. Initially, you will have only one individual, but over time you can recruit an entire colony.

The larger the number of your employees, the faster you gain special food points that you can spend on buying new ants or pumping them increasing their speed and physical strength. All levels last quite a long time, but the game process is incredibly soothing, with relaxing music in the background, so you can spend your free time doing interesting things!

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