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Category : Casual
OS Version: Android 5.0+
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Pixel.Fun2 – return the objects on the island to their bright colors, and to do this, paint them by numbers in the continuation of the mobile game. Trees, cars, Pets, people, houses, and everything else have lost their true color, but you can easily fix it by painting them one by one. The gameplay is easy to understand and you do not need the talents of an artist to cope with this task. According to the marked number, fill in the cells and move to the next digit until the black-and-white image is completely restored to its original appearance. Each time you paint over an object, it appears on the scene and thus, gradually, return the island to its true color. Pixel. Fun 2 the second part of the Android game-coloring by numbers, where you will find a lot of unique Islands and different images, the ability to change the visual style, bonus scenes and additional props to speed up the coloring process, a video recording function so that you can demonstrate the process to your friends, and there is support for syncing on different devices and platforms.

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