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Category : Casual
OS Version: Android 4.4+

Sky Wolf – Run and jump! – a relaxing arcade game in which you control a wolf running through the mountains at night and soaring to the skies. Use the hills to gain speed and jump as high as possible, to do this, touch the screen at the right time when the wolf runs down and release your finger on the ascents. Collect stars and speedups along the way, and try to land perfectly on the surface to get extra points. The more successful the series of jumps, the higher the wolf soars into the sky, all the way to space. However, if you make a mistake at least once, the wolf will lose speed and slow down. Also in flight, if you click on the screen, you can adjust the position of the wolf’s body, which allows you to adjust the angle of the animal’s jump.

This is necessary for landing on all four paws, then you will not lose speed and will be able to maintain the frenzied rhythm of the Nighteyes. The mechanics of the Android game Sky Wolf: Run And Jump is based on a real physical model, which gives an absolute immersion in this process. Each level is full of its own colors, for example, you will run at night in the bright light of the moon, in the early morning watching a beautiful sunrise and at other times of the day. Sky Wolf is a good option for those who want to relax while playing, it has intuitive gameplay, randomly created locations, soothing sounds of birds singing, there are tasks and an online leaderboard.

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