Weeder Match

Weeder Match

Uploaded: May 15, 2019
Views: 108
Category : Casual
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v9.4

Weeder Match — a simple game which will hardly leave anyone indifferent. It’s very simple, you are given a lawn with grass and sharp weapons like shuriken, stars, which like to use ninja. We throw this star just as we throw a flat stone on the waves, and the shuriken gently cuts the grass, which strives to grow. Make some accurate throws and the lawn is clean. As in any arcade, the level of the level increases the complexity, for example, there are different additional plants, and it is necessary to understand what to do with them. And one day you will see a lawn on which there is a brick, and it turns out that the star spoils, if you get into it, now you need to aim even more accurately. By reaching certain levels, you can unlock several new weapons, more powerful and faster. And you can not unlock, if you ruin the weapon, hitting the stone arose inopportunely. Go through the levels and enter your name in the leaderboard.

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