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OS Version: Android 4.2+
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Fire Emblem: Heroes-is a shareware role-playing game with turn-based battles from Nintendo.

You have to play the role of callers and collect characters from all series of Fire Emblem, creating a personal army. You can choose one of several options: the main quest or training heroes through the Training Tower. On special maps are seasonal events, and in the Arena — a duel, where players fight for the number of points, without dying.

The developers have drawn each character by hand, and provided them with new voices. The game will have new characters, which will be available along with long-recognized heroes and allies. Battles take place on the grid 8×6, which occupies the entire screen of your device, of course, pleases the lack of scrolling. In fact, the functionality of the matches is very wide, it is much more than you can imagine at first glance. For example, you can circle a character with your finger on the screen and drag it to the enemies when they are close enough to hit them.

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