Uploaded: November 17, 2018
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Category : Adventure
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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Goetia — incredibly atmospheric adventure game in the genre of point-and-click for Android with an interesting plot. Your character – Abigail Blackwood, a girl who died under unknown circumstances about 40 years ago, and now resurrected for the same unknown reasons. She became a Ghost who suddenly woke up near his grave, but almost does not remember anything. The girl returned to her family estate, but found it empty and abandoned. Download for free on Android Goetia find clues and try to find out what happened to Abigail, where her family disappeared and why the estate was emptied.

Your character as ghosts can pass through walls, floors and ceilings, inspect and use items and move into the objects. Some of them you have to use as a key, tips, and even to solve various problems. You will find an atmospheric sound design, where you will hear creaks of doors, draft, rustle of leaves and complementary background music. Here, high-quality and detailed graphic design, as well as an incredibly interesting storyline. Goetia is exactly the kind of game that will engross you and allow incredibly fun!

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