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Habitactics — an exciting puzzle game, unique in its kind, now on your Android smartphone! You will find not only a fascinating journey into the tropical forests of South America and the waters of the Atlantic ocean, but also interesting facts from the life of animals. Get to know the wildlife ecosystem, learn more about the life of predators and herbivores, make the study of ecology a real entertainment. The gameplay is not only simple, but also incredibly busy, you have to take on the role of not only a predator or a herbivore, but even a mushroom, in your hands will be the entire ecosystem of the animal world!

Before you field where you, operating a certain type of an animal, have to eat in turn suitable food for it whereas the Fox eats meat of a rabbit, the rabbit eats carrots and further on a chain. Download for free on Android Habitactics and protect the lives of wild animals, fighting the most brutal conditions of wildlife, counteract the cold winter and dry summer. Get to know this interesting world and learn how different species of animals affect each other in the wild, learn interesting facts, as well as spend time having fun with Habitactics!

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