Immortal Conquest

Immortal Conquest

Uploaded: July 20, 2018
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OS Version: Android 2.3+
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Game Immortal conquest is a free military strategy MMO game that takes place in a fantasy world. Players can collect a huge variety of powerful immortal heroes and put them at the head of their troops. The game has more than 300 characters from different mythologies, including Kronos, Poseidon, Gore, Lancelot and One. Each of them can learn hundreds of skills and become part of the unique combinations of heroes.

Sparks of lightning… The mighty Thor’s hammer breaks down… In this world torn apart by chaos, conquest is the very way that will help you stop this endless bloodshed. Build your Empire, crush all enemies and create a new legend together with your allies from different parts of Europe. Forward to world domination!

Key features of the game:

  • A huge map of the world, consisting of more than 2 million lands.
  • More than 300 characters in the game, including Zeus, RA and Thor! Get your collection of immortal, Hiro!
  • Hundreds of skills and an unlimited number of strategic combinations of heroes.
  • The possibility of using various military tactics and diplomacy to realize their ambitions.
  • Alliances. Join alliances with other players to fight for resources and defend your lands.
  • Team battles.Fight with your allies, capture cities on a huge map of the world.
  • Space and resources are limited, so choose your allies carefully!
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