Lets Swing

Lets Swing

Uploaded: December 2, 2018
Views: 84
Category : Arcade
OS Version: Android 4.1+
Download APK v1.0

Lets Swing  — an interesting arcade game for Android devices that can not only entertain you, but also to pump logical abilities. Play as a colorful ball that can cling to any surface like a rope, use the known laws of physics, swing and fly forward! Collect bonuses, they are a large number and each of them has its own value and feature, try to collect them all! You can download Let’s Swing for Android for free and try your hand with this wonderful arcade!

Use logic to develop the maximum speed, but be careful on your way to meet a lot of obstacles that can in the blink of an eye to end the life of the ball. The graphics of the game is full of bright colors, and the sound will be a real pleasure for you. Beat records, play with friends and reach the top of the rankings with Lets’s Swing!

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