Beat Shooter – Gunshots Rhythm Game

Beat Shooter – Gunshots Rhythm Game

Updated:January 8, 2021
Category : Music
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Beat Shooter – Gunshots Rhythm Game – a game in which you break cubes and other objects, shooting them with weapons to the rhythm of music. In addition to the machine, open even more models of various weapons that can be pumped, surprising your friends with unrealistic combo strikes. Each weapon is unique and has different shooting characteristics, giving a different mood. Control is very simple and will not create difficulties even in the first minutes of the game, keep your finger on the screen and point it at targets, and it will shoot by itself. Earn more points by smashing targets with unthinkable combinations and spend money on upgrading your rifle or pistol, because the faster you destroy items, the more resources you will get. Become the best sniper, do not let the dice fall and quickly gain LVL, and if you allow three misses, then it all ends. Achieve good results by earning at least 3 stars for each track. Beat Shooter: Gunshots Rhythm Game is a typical representative of rhythm arcades, the game has simple controls, over 100 songs and a wide selection of weapons that can be improved and further customized.

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