Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive

Category : Music
OS Version: Android 5.0+

Rhythm Hive – this is an exciting music arcade game where you can not only enjoy the hits of the world-famous stars of k-pop music, but also test your sense of rhythm and reaction in practice. Expect hundreds of beautiful and rhythmic tracks, beautiful visual design and multiplayer competitions!

The mechanics of the game are as follows: after selecting a certain song, you will find yourself on a track, along which notes move in your direction, which are at equal distances from each other, depending on the rhythmic pattern of the track. You also have to click on them in time, so you can play a beautiful melody of the song. Try not to miss a single note to get as many points as possible.

In addition to the standard mode, you can complete the levels in pairs, where each takes on a specific area of the track. Test your strength by completing a mix of three tracks. Also, it is possible to organize competitions, where the winner is the one who managed to collect the most points by the end of the track. For more fun, choose one of the performers, go through hundreds of levels and increase its popularity!

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