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Category : Music
OS Version: Android 4.1+
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The Kreator – this is an exciting and addictive game for your Android device, where you will plunge into a fascinating and unusual game world! In this game, you have to go on a long and fun journey through the vast game world, which will drag you from the very first minutes. Here you will relax every day, getting a lot of fun and positive emotions!

In The Kreator, you will find yourself on a distant and very unusual planet, which will be quite empty. Your task is to try to fill it as quickly as possible with all kinds of plants and animals. In the game itself, you will act as a bright bundle of energy that will fly around the planet’s orbit, then soaring up, then falling down again. On the way, there will always be glowing balls that you will need to pick up. After all, only in this way, you can earn precious game points, as well as get the opportunity to accelerate the growth of various kinds of flowers, trees, grass and other things. But also, you need to be as careful and accurate as possible! Otherwise, you may be consumed by a terrible black matter that may suddenly appear and begin to haunt you. From one world to another, you will enjoy the beauty of locations and their unusual wildlife!

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